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hoW Do i bESt TAkE CARE oF mY tAgS?

I strive to make long lasting products for you and your pets to enjoy. The finishing techniques I use help prevent obvious scratches, the split ring and jump ring included can withstand a lot of tension, the ink I use for the impressions is long lasting, and the metals I use are very strong and do not rust. This means once you have your tag, you are good to go and no care is required for maintaining it.

However, some of the metals I use (especially my gold brass and rose gold copper tags) develop a patina with time. This is completely natural, and often adds to the charm of the tag. If you ever wish to restore your tags to their original colour, you can lightly clean your tags with a metal cleaner, or a tomato based sauce (like ketchup)! Rinse them off, and your tags will look brand new.

If your tag impressions ever get faded, you can easily touch them up with just some rubbing alcohol, an old cotton shirt rag (or paper towel), and a Sharpie marker. First, completely colour in all the impressions with your marker. Then, dip your cotton cloth into the rubbing alcohol until lightly saturated. Finally, gently rub the cloth in a circular motion on your tag to remove the excess marker. Repeat as needed until only the impressions have ink.

WhAt tAG ShouLD i GEt?

I have so many wonderful choices, it can be hard to decide! Firstly, you should select a tag size that is proportionate with your pet, or a size that would be most comfortable. My 32 mm (size large) tags are my most popular option, and a great size for medium to large sized dogs in general. My 29 mm (size medium) tags are a great smaller size option for medium sized dogs, and my 25 mm (size small) are perfect for small dogs, puppies, and even cats! But of course, it all comes down to personal preference.

The next choice is colour! I recommend going for one of my silver options (either silver pewter or silver aluminum) if you would prefer to have your tags stay bright and shiny with no effort on your part, as neither of my silver tags develop a patina. Otherwise, go for the colour you like! I only use metals I like, so can highly recommend all 4 of my metal choices.


One final key aspect to mention - my silver aluminum tags are deceivingly light, and a great option if your pet often fusses with their tags.


If this just made it even harder to make a decision, just click here for a link to my "Surprise Me" pet tag listing!


I start with a circular piece of metal called a blank, and generally begin by hammering and sanding the edges and faces of this metal. This gives my tags a uniquely worn and naturally organic texture that can be seen and felt. I'll then hand stamp each letter and number into the metal, one by one, with metal stamping tools. This creates deep lasting impressions that can take on the ink I apply, which shadows the grooves of the letters and numbers I have stamped. For the finishing touches, I punch out the hole, apply the jump ring and split ring, and give all tags a final polish and clean. Finally, I carefully package the newly finished tags up, and send it to you and your pet!

Still have questions? Get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

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