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Looking for a new fur-iend, or just want to see some super ADORABLE puppies?


AZLabradoodles ethically breeds and raises doodles within a small scale, family environment in Mesa, Arizona. The Tafoya family puts all their dogs' and puppies' needs at the forefront by getting genetic testing, quality medical care, and in-depth applications and interviews for their dogs and puppies, and providing stimulation, love, age appropriate training, and so


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AZLabradoodles and I partnered up in early 2021, to give away a free voucher for a Little Striped Fox dog tag on puppy pickup day for every new puppy! If you are checking out my website because you've received one of these vouchers - hello and you can click here to check out my shop (*just make sure to enter your special voucher code at checkout!).

AZLabradoodles says it best: "Our dogs are our family, first and foremost."

much more. All of this ensures that the transition for puppies going from AZLabradoodles to their new homes is as smooth as possible, and that all puppies are welcomed into amazing and well-fit homes.

Go check out AZLabradoodles to find out more ♥


I wouldn't be where I am today without my partnerships, and for that I am extremely thankful. So here are some of the lovely people I work with, and a friendly shout-out for some of the things they are up to!

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