Starstruck in the Forest Pet Tag

Starstruck in the Forest Pet Tag

What Size Should I Get?


I generally recommend my Large ~32 mm tags for medium to large sized dogs; my Medium ~29 mm tags for small to medium sized dogs, and my Small ~25 mm tags for small dogs, puppies, and even cats. Of course, it all comes down to preference.


Please note, my designs are standardly made for size Large tags, so some details may be lost in the size Medium and size Small tags.


What’s Included and How Will My Tag Be Shipped?


I include a matching extra strong jump ring, and matching extra strong split ring with each tag purchase. This means that as long as you do not attach your pet's leash to their new Little Striped Fox tag, the tag will stay secure to your pet's collar. I choose to use a jump ring and split ring to allow your fur-riend's new tag to face forward once attached to their collar, and to reduce the likelihood of the tag snagging on something. For choking and other safety reasons, all my tags will release when under stress.


You can also choose "Yes please!" to the product option "Would you like to add a matching clasp?" to switch out your included matching split ring for a matching lobster clasp/clip.


Your tag will be standardly shipped through good old Canada Post snail mail, already assembled and ready to go. The standard shipping option is untracked, and can take some time given the current COVID-19 situation. I would highly recommend upgrading your shipping if you do not want to wait upwards of. amonth or more in some cases. Please see below for more information on shipping and COVID-19.


My current processing time to make your tag is 5 to 8 business days.


Will My Tag Really Look Like the Pictures?


The images included showcase the standard layout I will use when designing your tag. However, the placement, spacing, and indentation will be slightly different than what is shown, simply because your tag is handmade with love ☺ .


And as noted above, my designs are standardly made for size Large tags, so some details may be lost in the size Medium and size Small tags.


Care Instructions


Little Striped Fox tags are designed for real life. I know your new tags will be in the elements, and get bumped and scraped. That's why my tags are made from solid and strong metal. Thus, no care is necessary to upkeep your tag's integrity.


However, Gold and Rose Gold tags will develop a patina with time. If you ever want to give your tags a shine up, you can clean your tags with a tomato sauce, like ketchup (I KNOW!). You can also add on a polishing square to your order, which will remove patina and keep your new tags shiny for longer.


If your tags' impressions ever get faded, you can easily touch them up with just some rubbing alcohol, an old cotton shirt rag (or paper towel), and a permanent marker. First, completely colour in all the impressions with your marker. Then, dip your cotton cloth into the rubbing alcohol until lightly saturated. Finally, gently rub the cloth in a circular motion on your tag to remove the excess marker. Repeat as needed until only the impressions have ink.


More Information on Shipping and COVID-19 Update


Due to COVID-19, shipping times have greatly increased. I highly recommend selecting the tracked shipping option at check out to receive your tags in a reasonable amount of time.


Unfortunately, if you do not upgrade your shipping at checkout to tracked, there is nothing I can do for you once your tags have been dropped off at the post office. This includes lost items in the mail.

So please do consider upgrading to tracked shipping so that you can follow your tags' journey, and receive them in a timely manner. 


For within Ontario as of July 2021, the approximate shipping time for untracked packages has been three to 28 business days. For Canada-wide, the approximate shipping time for untracked packages has been five to 35 business days. For the USA, the approximate shipping time for untracked packages has been seven to 37 business days. For everywhere else internationally, the approximate shipping time for untracked packages has been nine to 40 business days. Packages still could take longer when untracked.


This time is greatly decreased with tracked shipping. Please contact me if you live outside of Canada or the USA and want to upgrade to tracked shipping, I will calculate the shipping cost for you!


Tags: Beaux, Star, Stars, Constellation, Constellations, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Moon, Galaxy, Tree, Trees, Pine

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