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Surprise Me! Pet Tag

Surprise Me! Pet Tag

Having Trouble Picking a Tag?


All good! I've got you covered.


Just fill in all the required information on tag size, name you want, and information on the back like you would a normal tag - but then the fun begins...


You can then add in a bit (or a bunch!) of information regarding things your pet likes, aspects of Little Striped Fox tags you like, and things you are fond of, and I will design a tag for you with that information in mind.


The tag you get as a surprise may be a design I already offer in my shop, a combination of a couple designs, or something completely brand new with new designs I haven't even announced yet. The more information you give me, the more tailored the tag will be for you though!


This listing is essentially the opposite to my Custom Design Pet Tag, where you will leave the actual designing up to me, and just give me inspiration while I fully design the tag on my own. It's a great way to save a little bit of cash and still get a fully designed tag made for you.


You can still choose the size, colour, font, and edge texture, or leave it up to me for a full surprise.


What Size Should I Get?


I generally recommend my Extra Large ~35mm tags for the biggest of dogs, my Large ~32mm tags for medium to large sized dogs; my Medium ~29mm tags for small to medium sized dogs, my Small ~25mm tags for small dogs, puppies, and even cats, and my Extra Small ~22mm tags for the smallest of dogs and cats/kittens. Of course, it all comes down to preference.


For reference - silver aluminium is the lightest weight option, and is the best fit for Extra Small tags, rose gold copper is my next lightest option, then gold brass, leaving silver pewter to be the heaviest option, and best for the bigger pets with bigger tags. Silver pewter also is the most rustic and organic shaped tag, as it is formed by melting and pouring liquid pewter into their round shapes.


Please note, the bigger the tag, the more designs I can fit on it. But if you have an extra small pet, I can still come up with a great design for them!


What's Included and How Will My Tag Be Shipped?


I include a matching extra strong jump ring and matching extra strong split ring with each tag purchase. This means that as long as you do not attach your pet's leash to their new Little Striped Fox tag, the tag will stay secure to your pet's collar under normal use. I choose to use a jump ring and split ring to allow your fur-riend's new tag to face forward once attached to their collar, and to reduce the likelihood of the tag snagging on something. For choking and other safety reasons, all my tags will release when under stress or abnormal use, and no refunds can be made for lost tags due to this.


You can also choose "Yes please!" to the product option "Would you like to add a matching clasp?" to switch out your included matching split ring for a matching clasp/clip. Clasps are just as strong (maybe stronger) than keyrings, and are easier on the fingers to put on and take off of collars/harnesses. I also carry black and rainbow/iridescent of most split rings and clasps, so feel free to ask if I have a colour!


Your tag will be standardly shipped through Royal Mail, already assembled and ready to go. The base shipping method within the UK includes tracking. However, outside the UK, standard shipping is untracked, and can take some time given the ongoing COVID-19 situation.


I would highly recommend upgrading your shipping if you do not want to wait upwards of a month or more in some cases. Please see below for more information on shipping and COVID-19.


My current processing time to make your tag is currently about 5 to 11 business days.


Will My Tag Really Look Like the Pictures?


The images included showcase the standard layout I will use when designing your tag. However, the placement, spacing, and indentation will be slightly different than what is shown, simply because your tag is handmade with love. And of course, clasp, hammered edge, and colour, etc., will all depend on what you choose in the drop down!


And as noted above, my designs are standardly made for Large tags, so details can be lost in the Medium, Small, and Extra Small tags.


Care Instructions


Little Striped Fox tags are designed for real life. I know your new tags will be in the elements, getting bumped and scraped. That's why my tags are made from solid and strong metal. Thus, no care is necessary to upkeep your tag's integrity.


However, Gold and Rose Gold tags will develop a non-harmful patina with time. If you ever want to give your tags a shine up, you can clean your tags with a tomato sauce, like ketchup (I KNOW!). You can also add on a polishing square to your order, which will remove patina and keep your new tags shiny for longer.


If your tags' impressions ever get faded, you can easily touch them up with just some rubbing alcohol, an old cotton rag (or paper towel), and a permanent marker. First, completely colour in all the impressions with your marker. Then, dip your cotton cloth into the rubbing alcohol until lightly saturated. Finally, gently rub the cloth in a circular motion on your tag to remove the excess marker. Repeat as needed until only the impressions have ink.


Tags: Custom, Surprise/Surprize, Mystery, Grab Bag, Take a Chance, Lucky Dip

  • So Many Options!


    I have so many wonderful choices, it can be hard to decide! Firstly, you should select a tag size that is proportionate with your pet, or a size that would be most comfortable. My ~35mm extra large tags are best for the biggest of dogs, or if you want a statement piece. My ~32mm large tags are my most popular, and perfect for medium to large dogs in general. My ~29mm medium tags are a great smaller size option for small to medium sized dogs. My ~25mm small tags are perfect for small dogs, puppies, and even cats! And of course, my ~22mm extra small tags are for the smallest of dogs and cats, or those wanting the least noticeable tags.


    But of course, it all comes down to personal preference. Please be aware that my designs are usually made for size large tags, so some detail may be lost in size medium and small, and size extra small will definitely have modified details.


    The next choice is colour! I recommend going for one of my silver options (either silver pewter or silver aluminum) if you would prefer to have your tags stay bright and shiny with no effort on your part, as neither of my silver tags develop a patina. Otherwise, go for the colour you like! I only use metals I like, so can highly recommend all 4 of my metal choices. Sometimes it is fun to match the metal colour on the collar it is going on. Gold brass is 100% the sturdiest option, and will last even with the silliest of pets running around (Gus tested!).


    One key aspect to mention - my silver aluminum tags are deceivingly light, and a great option if your pet often fusses with their tags. And my silver pewter tags are deceivingly heavy, so great for the large and extra large pets. Or, if you have a smaller pet but want a statement piece, go for a silver aluminum in a larger size! It won't weigh them down, I promise.


    Next is what you would like written on the back. Most people do one or two phone numbers, but a lot of people like to put addresses as well. This can be done by selecting the "Phone Number + _____ Characters" option that suits your needs. One phone number is always free, as these tags are first and foremost safety items.


    Then you get to choose if you'd like a hammered edge - this is completely superficial and just for the ~a e s t h e t i c~. I'm a huge fan of the hammered edge, you'll always find me recommending it at in person markets, as I like to say, it means that once you're tag has been well used, the bumps and scratches are already part of the design.


    The last option is simply a hardware upgrade. Your tag automatically comes with a matching jump ring and split ring, but many people have a hard time with the key rings (me too!). So, I offer a matching 'O-Ring' upgrade - perfectly strong and easy on the fingers. I recommend these for people who switch out tags on collars, as they don't get bent out of shape every time you remove one. Neither is stronger than the other though.


    That's about it! That wasn't so hard now, was it? :)

  • 𓃥 🐾

    Tags: Custom, Surprise/Surprize, Mystery, Grab Bag, Take a Chance, Lucky Dip

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