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FontS & DESignS!


Fonts 2024.jpeg

These are the fonts that I have available for the front of your tags (for names and the like).

Salem font and Izzy font are just the uppercase and lowercase of each other, and you can totally request a name be written with an uppercase Salem letter to start, and the rest Izzy.

The same thing goes for Jersey font and Lucy font - A capital letter to start from Jersey is the perfect complement to Lucy.

I will do my best to use the font you request, but depending on space, may change out the font to my discretion without notifying you (I do try my best to keep you updated!). 


These are all the designs I currently have, as of the "last updated" on the bottom left of the design sheet. Designs are generally separated into categories for your convenience.

If what you are looking for isn't there, please feel free to contact me about getting a new design! New designs generally cost $40, plus the cost of the item you are requesting.

I also specialise in making little collages of stamps (ie my forest designs are groups of trees together), so if you have a general idea for a tag that doesn't require a specific element, also contact me as I'm all about custom after all :).

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