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Match My Pet Tag Necklace Add-On

Match My Pet Tag Necklace Add-On

Feeling Extra? Same.


This listing is an add-on to your order of a pet tag, in which you will get a round pendant necklace that will match the design of your pet tag! There will be no writing on the front. This listing can only be purchased along with a pet tag.


What Size Is This Necklace?


These rounded pendant necklaces are approximately ~19mm to ~22mm in diameter. This means the pendants are large enough to fill with wonderful designs and words, while also remaining very light to wear.


What Metals Are These Necklaces Made Of?


Silver: My silver necklaces are made of solid lead-free hand cast and formed pewter. Pewter is a wonderful silver metal alloy that has a similar weight and lustre to that of sterling silver. As well, pewter is generally considered to be a hypoallergenic metal, and is slow to tarnish. However, pewter is an alloy, and there is up to 0.5% copper within these necklaces (for those who do severely react to copper).


Gold and Rose Gold: My gold and rose gold necklaces are made of the same hand cast and formed pewter as my silver necklaces, but also have a gorgeous 18K yellow gold or a 18K rose gold plating. This means that both my yellow gold and rose gold necklaces are generally considered hypoallergenic; however, traditionally, 18K rose gold uses up to 25% copper within its alloy composition to give its gorgeous pink colour. This is just a warning again for those who do tend to react to copper.


Findings and chains are stainless steel based or gold filled in their respective matching colours.


I am happy to give you further information on the metal compositions, just ask! And even though I consider my necklaces to be hypoallergenic, be mindful that these are not 100% solid gold and can cause reactions in sensitive skin, or even non-sensitive skin, as metals react to our unique body chemistry.


How Should I Take Care of My Necklace?


To extend your necklace's life and reduce the likelihood of tarnishing and losing the darkened impressions, please: remove your necklace before showering or swimming, avoid exposing it to oils and perfumes, and store it in a cool dry place when not wearing. To clean, use a gentle hand soap and lightly handwash your necklace. Do not scrub. Dry immediately.


Please do not polish your yellow gold or rose gold necklaces, as this will remove the gold plating and quickly cause tarnishing.


However, if you’re like me, and easily forget to remove jewellery, I would recommend my silver pewter necklaces! This is because my silver pewter necklaces are the exception to the rule: you may polish your pewter necklaces if they ever lose their shine, as they are solid metal.


As well, you can wear silver pewter necklaces in most any conditions (including the shower!). You can add on a polishing cloth to your order to keep your silver pewter necklaces shiny, or use any jewellery polishing cloth. But again, this is ONLY for the silver pewter option.


What's Included, and How Will My Necklace Be Shipped?


Your necklace will come already assembled, and ready to wear, coming on a thin cable chain necklace matching in colour with the necklace pendant. Standardly, I will provide a ~40cm to ~46cm cable chain, but let me know if you’d prefer a certain length chain, as I cut them to order.


Your necklace will be standardly shipped through Royal Mail. The base shipping method within the UK includes tracking. However, outside the UK, standard shipping is untracked, and can take some time given the ongoing COVID-19 situation.


I would highly recommend upgrading your shipping if you do not want to wait upwards of a month or more in some cases. Please see below for more information on shipping and COVID-19.


My current processing time to make your necklace is currently about 5 to 11 business days.


Can I Personalize the Back of My Necklace With Words?


Of course, you can! Just select the option 'Yes please!' in the 'Want to add custom text to your necklace?' section at checkout, and let me know what you would like to add to the back of your necklace.


Write it exactly as you'd like it written on the necklace (i.e., capitalize letters you want capitalised etc.). I will do my best to accommodate written line spacings as requested - but to fit well, I will use my own judgement if a line is going to be too long. I standardly will centre text, but let me know if you have a preference otherwise (along the bottom is cute!).



If you do not want customisations on your necklace, just select "No thanks" when prompted by the "Want to add custom text to your necklace?" question. If this option is selected, I will leave the back of your necklace completely blank, even if you add in writing in the "What would you like written on the back of your necklace?" comments box.

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