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Simple Silver Aluminum Pet Tag

Simple Silver Aluminum Pet Tag

𓃥 🐾 ♡


Tags: Molly, Willow, Simple/Plain, Silver Aluminum

  • So Many Options!


    I have so many wonderful choices, it can be hard to decide! Firstly, you should select a tag size that is proportionate with your pet, or a size that would be most comfortable. My ~35mm extra large tags are best for the biggest of dogs, or if you want a statement piece. My ~32mm large tags are my most popular, and perfect for medium to large dogs in general. My ~29mm medium tags are a great smaller size option for small to medium sized dogs. My ~25mm small tags are perfect for small dogs, puppies, and even cats! And of course, my ~22mm extra small tags are for the smallest of dogs and cats, or those wanting the least noticeable tags.


    But of course, it all comes down to personal preference. Please be aware that my designs are usually made for size large tags, so some detail may be lost in size medium and small, and size extra small will definitely have modified details.


    One key aspect to mention - my silver aluminum tags are deceivingly light, and a great option if your pet often fusses with their tags. So, if you have a smaller pet but want a statement piece, go for a silver aluminum in a larger size! It won't weigh them down, I promise.


    Next is what you would like written on the back. Most people do one or two phone numbers, but a lot of people like to put addresses as well. This can be done by selecting the "Phone Number + _____ Characters" option that suits your needs. One phone number is always free, as these tags are first and foremost safety items.


    Then you get to choose if you'd like a hammered edge - this is completely superficial and just for the ~a e s t h e t i c~. I'm a huge fan of the hammered edge, you'll always find me recommending it at in person markets, as I like to say, it means that once you're tag has been well used, the bumps and scratches are already part of the design.


    The last option is simply a hardware upgrade. Your tag automatically comes with a matching jump ring and split ring, but many people have a hard time with the key rings (me too!). So, I offer a matching 'O-Ring' upgrade - perfectly strong and easy on the fingers. I recommend these for people who switch out tags on collars, as they don't get bent out of shape every time you remove one. Neither is stronger than the other though.


    That's about it! That wasn't so hard now, was it? :)

What colour would you like this tag to be?: Silver Aluminum
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